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Who are we?

RISINGSTAR is a production studio creating volumetric video and Web3 content for artists, creators and influencers.

Our upcoming product, The RISINGSTAR platform will take volumetric content delivery to a new level, while helping creators to monetize their Web3 presence.

Creating with technology

Our technology enables a new kind of experience mixing the boundaries between virtual and actual reality. With our 40 camera studio we can create bespoke virtual experiences that are available in 3D/VR/AR environments through our platform. RisingStar represents the next generation of digital content. Through activating the viewer, they are no longer passive, but active participants of the content itself. The RisingStar platform operates as the “Netflix of the Metaverse”, where users can freely browse between all sorts of prerecorded or live experiences and join on demand.

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Immersive Experiences via AR

AR can deliver tangible, day to day, lifelike metaverse experiences which drive value for both the brand and the user. 


Lowering the barrier of entry for brands to create content and consumers to engage with it.

Future proof

We are committed to stay compatible with next generation devices.

Increased Quality

Blurring the line between the real and the augmented.


Streamable file sizes and expanded mobile network support.

Metaverse Harmonious

One click to import your hologram or NFT from your crypto wallet to any metaverse.