Star Token Launch

Published on
October 6, 2022

It's been a bit over a week since the end of the STAR token launch, which was a great success reaching over 200% of our soft cap, and raising over $174K. Our token price is over 25% higher since it is out on Uniswap, which is a great number in a bear market. We are thankful to everyone who believed in us and participated in it and to Next Earth for helping us on our way to entering the world of Web3. Now it’s time to start working towards the goals on our product roadmap. 

All major steps in the development of our platform will be shared with the community through our upcoming Discord channel, on Twitter, and on our blog. We aim to share as much information from our future projects as possible. AMA sessions on Discord, screenshots, you name it.

Besides development updates, you will receive important pieces of information on partnership agreements, future projects, and anything that can influence our roadmap.

Our first week as a Web3 company has been busy with finalizing our strategy and with partnership and client meetings. Attila is back in New York meeting with Broadway producers about Metaverse Musicals and clothing brands about Metaverse Fashion Shows. Soon he is traveling to Los Angeles to talk about the details of our partnership with one of the biggest crypto exchanges. 

Meanwhile, we are working already hard on continuing the development of our dApp. We will share a lot of details with you soon about the progress, challenges in front of us, and some mid-level detail on what exactly we are going to do in the next months.

Stayed tuned for our first activity which will help us to grow our community and generate even more interest around the project.

AMA on the Next Earth Discord channel in the risingstar room, at 14:00 GMT+2, 07.10.2022