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The platform

The RisingStar Platform is a proprietary tool for volumetric content delivery for the metaverse and the web. The general aim of the platform is to provide a solution for artists and creators to monetize their Web3 presence. 

The development roadmap starts with upgrading our already existing application. This does not just mean total UI redesign and a better user experience, but also major changes and upgrades in functionality. First and foremost we are going to create a web-based application that is going to be available on all devices with a web browser that has enough processing power to deliver volumetric content. This will provide us with a great advantage as users can just open a website instead of downloading an application. The other major change is going to be the way content is delivered. At the moment users have to download each content to their devices in order to view them. Thanks to technological advances in the past few years, we can now live stream volumetric video to devices that have an internet connection speed of over 50Mbps. 

However, besides the volumetric video, we have to deliver to the user the environment of the concerts or shows too. This is possible at the moment only for simple graphics as Hollywood-quality computer-generated spaces would need a lot of bandwidth to stream.

In order to overcome this bottleneck and be able to deliver not just the volumetric videos but also more complex and realistic environments created in UE5, shortly after the launch of the web application we will launch native applications for mobile and other AR/VR capable devices. Here it will be possible to pre-download the environment and stream or download the volumetric video with it. Our native applications will not just support AR/VR capable devices but users will be able to view the experiences even on their tablets and laptops as if it would be a simple live video stream. This gives us the opportunity to reach a very wide range of audiences, therefore generating a much bigger user base than competitors who are only targeting users with AR/VR capable devices.